Chemfp license

chemfp has two development tracks. The 1.x track is available for no cost under the MIT license, and the 3.x track is available for a fee.

Chemfp 1.x licensing

Chemfp 1.5 is the most recent version of the chemfp 1.x track. You can download chemfp 1.5 directly or install it from PyPI using pip install chemfp.

This version of chemfp is distributed under the MIT license, though it includes some third-party components which are distributed under a similarly permissive license. For details, see the license section of the chemfp 1.5 documentation.

Chemfp 3.x licensing

The most recent versions of the 3.x track are available with several different licensing options.

The other license options include the source code under a permanent license which does not require a license renewal and does not require a license key. There are "source available" licenses, which includes the right to modify chemfp, though not the right to redistribute chemfp:

In addition, chemfp is still available as open source:

Other license options are possible. Contact if you have questions.