chemfp_converters-0.9.1 released

I made a minor release of the chemfp_converters package for better chemfp integration. If chemfp_converters is installed then chemfp will use it to read and write flush files.

You can download chemfp_converters-0.9.1.tar.gz or use pip to install or upgrade chemfp from PyPI.

The changes are:

  • flush.open_flush() now takes a 'location' so can pass in the location passed to it.

  • flush.open_fingerprint_writer() now allows metadata=None. In that case it will wait until the first fingerprint is passed in to get the fingerprint size.

I am looking for user feedback, so if you've tried it let me know if it was successful or not.

You can also let me know if there are other fingerprint formats I should support.